Accounting Practice Management Program

Operate Efficiently | Improve Your Bottom Line | Better Lifestyle
We want you to have a business that is exactly your passion than just a mere business. That is why we offer the Accounting Practice Management Program. This program will steer you to be thirsty of efficiency and quality—which are keys to your success in business and in life.

We teach you the art of making operations more efficient without exerting so much effort so you can enjoy more personal time. Once you learn this, higher profit margins will be generated in practice, your quality of life will be better, saving for your future will be assured, and merging and selling will be easier later.

The program suits well to those who no longer submit to the traditional norms in accounting industry requiring a lot of overtime without just compensation.

Meanwhile, the program provides video with supplemental materials which you can watch and study at home instead of attending a live program.

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Mastery Selling Skills for Accountants

Sell with Confidence

They say that selling is not for everyone. But be aware that all of us sell! Accountants give significance to the latter thought because we always have to sell our services to others. Additionally, closing a business deal is not taught in any accounting school; but, in this program, it is!

This procedural program is created to fit accountants who want to improve their selling and closing skills while working on having new customers for their practices.

Allan Ratafia, the President of CHEYNEY GROUP MARKETING, is currently using this tried-and-tested system in his accounting practice. One-by-one, Ratafia introduces you the sections targeting specific facets of the process of selling for accountants. He ends with logical segments that will enable you to say the words that your target individuals want to hear, making them bite your trap— to do business with you.

Even though this program prioritizes closing new business clients, it still gives attention to elements and strategies on closing personal clients.