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We are Exclusive to the Accounting Industry

CHEYNEY GROUP MARKETING is a firm providing website and practice development services to the accounting industry. The website development services operate efficiently by generating leads through optimization of search engine. Our practice development system serves as training ground for accountants at higher profit margins to realize higher fees every hour and operate a less stressful trial.

Also, CHEYNEY GROUP MARKETING offers various professional education programs like marketing, selling, and practice management to numerous accountants every year.

Our core Accounting Marketing Services include:

  • Website Development (all types of accounting practices)
  • Accounting Marketing
  • Outsourced Marketing and Coaching
  • Enhanced Selling Skills for Accountants
  • Practice Management
  • CPE Webinars offered for free

To teach tax accounting firms how to market their accounting practices and to help them operate at profit margins nearly double the average of the industry were the rationales of CHEYNEY GROUP MARKETING when it was founded in 2003. So, if you want to improve your accounting practices, you may contact us and ask for our assistance any time at 1-800-345-4832.

What We Do


Grow Your Practice Generate Higher Quality Leads!

Life-Long System for Lead Generation + More

CHEYNEY GROUP MARKETING Accounting Marketing Program caters to accounting companies wanting a stable practice development system that continuously supplies customers. It is an educational program conducted live. It provides a new system for credible generation of lead, pricing, and selling. BYF’s Accounting Marketing Program takes your practice a step higher. This tried-and-tested program presents how to:

  • Use a diversified marketing approach to target clients.
  • Market using the principles of internet and website marketing, niche marketing, referral marketing, entity marketing, direct mail, social media and outsourced marketing.
  • Select clients that prove profitable.
  • Close with minimal effort.
  • Acquire clients at high hourly fees ($200 -$300 per hour).
  • Validate your fees – even to the QuickBooks user.
  • Increase the value of your firm so it can gain more money later on.
  • Quantify services and hurdle objections – even in a down economy.
  • Close binder and accounting agreements.
  • Steer clear of cold calling.
  • Enhance your practice through a stable system.

This program is handled by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a successful marketing specialist who rely on the same program to improve his/her practical skills. With our diverse marketing approach, you will learn how to continuously have new prospects and how to refrain from using only one method for lead generation whether you have been marked as an expert in your practice and you just want a room for more improvement or you are a newbie who looks out on more trainings to perfect your skills.

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Work Smarter-Not Harder!

Outsourced Marketing Program

We Manage Your Lead Generation | You Close the BusinessWith this program, CHEYNEY GROUP MARKETING manages the marketing and lead generation on your behalf. It provides the framework, training, and support in putting up a new business in a controlled manner for three years or more.

No Accounting Skills? No Moral Reckoning

This program focuses on growth maintenance and development of bottom-line profit margins. It also assures you with a modern marketing system that is always fueled up to work for you. These are to replace the idea that is about developing a large practice filled with many employees and average profit margins.

At CHEYNEY GROUP MARKETING Outsources Marketing Program, you will also learn the key methods for closing a deal and putting a price on your business; the important practice management strategies; how to keep customers to trust you; and, how to widen your market for your practice. We also provide personal tutorship specific to your needs to guarantee your preparedness in this practice by closing deals when the leads start to stream in. To determine if there is growth, we assess your performance, geography, and growth industries within your location.